High Frequency Transformers
High Frequency Transformers


EP Type High Frequency Transformers

G-CHEN Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional Transformers Manufacturer, providing EP Type High Frequency Transformers with unique and stylish design.

EP transformers have a good magnetic, low consume, get high function frequency, and high counteract for the obstruction.

DC filter inductor Application: switching power supplies, chargers, alarm system, TV and CRT monitor displays, UPS, VCD/DVD players, audio and visual equipment, OA machines, inverter

  • Available in through hole and surface mount
  • High power density/volume
  • Small footprint
  • Good for gapped or ungapped applications
  • Customized specifications are welcome. Small, medium and high quantity is available
  • High power Frequency (20~500KHz)
Note: Power and external dimensions of, the transformer may be designed to customers requirements
EP Type.pdf (6.5 MB)
Characteristics & Application Rang
It is common use on the Switching power supplies, fax machine, TV/monitor, insulation Trasformer , Matching Transformer used SPC exchanges terminal and high precision exctronic devices etc.
They are widely used in power supplies of TV sets, displays, switching supplies and navigation.

EP series feature low loss, high output power, high operating frequency, low temperature and stable performance.

EP transformer is low consumer, have greater output powers, capability is every stabilizing, and get high function frequency.
Part No. & Dimensions Line
Dimensions in mm (inches)
A B C ± 0.5 D ± 0.5 E F
EP-7 6 9.6 7.40 5.08 4 2.54 9.30
EP-10 8 11.8 11.0 7.50 4 2.5 11.0
EP-13 10 12.7 13.5 10.0 4 2.5 13.2
EP-17 8 15.7 19.0 15.0 4 5.0 19.0
EP-20 10 19.6 22.0 17.78 4 5.08 25.1
Design As Customer's Requested Specifications
G-CHEN will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information.