High Frequency Transformers
UT Filter Inductance Series


UT Filter Inductance Series

We offer high quality High Frequency Transformer with reasonable price. 

  • Excellent impedance balance
  • Large current Output
  • Customized specifications are welcome. Small, medium and high quantity is available.
Note: Power and external dimensions of, the transformer may be designed to customers requirements
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UT-20 Type.pdf (7.0 MB)
Characteristics Application Rang
AC line filter, Widelyused in xolor TV, Computer, Monitor and oother electronic devices etc.
It is widely used in color TV set power supplies, LED display power supplies, computer switching power supplies and ballasts
Part No. & Dimensions Line
PART NO. Dimensions in mm
A B C ± 0.5 D ± 0.5 E ± 0.5 F
UT-20-01 23.5 17.5 10 4 13 22.5
UT-20-02 23.5 17.5 10 4 13 22.5
Design As Customer's Requested Specifications
G-CHEN will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information.