Common Mode Line Filter
Common Mode Line Filter


UU Filter Inductance Series

  • Excellent impedance balance
  • Large current Output
  • Customized specifications are welcome. Small, medium and high quantity is available.
Note: Power and external dimensions of,the transformer may be designed to customers requirements

produces wide range of Common mode choke, Choke Coil, Power Choke, Common mode inductor. Normally Common mode choke are used in order to filter common mode electromagnetic interference (EMI) current under high currents and without causing signal degradation. And Common mode choke also can withstand high DC currents.
UU series common mode choke coils are used in a wide range of prevention of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) from power supply lines and for prevention of multifunctioning of products such as measuring equipment and system equipment. Features wide range of selection, high impedance at applicable frequency, and high self-resonant frequency.
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GC-UU9.8.pdf (153 KB)
GC-UU9.8-.pdf (194 KB)
UU series feature small stray capacity, low ripple factor, and little inductance deviation.
AC line filter , Widelyused in xolor TV , Computer , Monitor and oother electronic devices etc.
It is widely used in color TV set power supplies, LED display power supplies, computer switching power supplies and ballasts